Why do people keep their towels wet?

A new study suggests that keeping your towels wet is more of a hygiene factor than people might think.

The study, published in the journal Applied Ecology, found that towels were wetted on average about twice a day.

The scientists analyzed water samples taken from 100,000 people at various locations across the US.

The researchers found that people who regularly used towels frequently reported having a higher level of saliva in their saliva, which was the saliva that came from the saliva of people who did not regularly use towels.

“It’s possible that the towels might help keep the skin moist by drying out the skin,” study co-author Dr. Andrew R. Sankofa said in a press release.

The results of the study are important because they are the first to suggest that people actually use towels more often than we think.

People are not always aware that they’re actually using towels, the study authors noted, so the researchers were curious to see whether towels were more frequently used in a state of hygiene, or whether towels might just be less likely to be wetted in the first place.

“People don’t always think about washing their towels frequently, but the reality is that towels are very common, and people often wash them regularly,” Sanko said in the press release, which has been updated to include new data.

“In addition, towels are often used as a water source during the day, and this may have an impact on the amount of saliva that is present in the saliva.”

A new study suggests that keeping your towels wet is more of a hygiene factor than people might think.The study,…

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