When you’re worried about dental hygiene: ‘We’re not sure if it’s a good thing’

A new study from The University of Queensland shows that people are not only concerned about dental health, but that their perception of it is also negatively affected.

Dr. Jules Wreb, who led the study, says it is difficult to predict what will happen to dental hygiene as a result of changes in society.

“Dental hygiene is something that has been developed over a very long period of time,” Dr Wrec said.

“It has been a part of the population’s routine for quite a long time.”

Dr Wrei says the research is the first of its kind to look at the impact of changes to people’s perceptions of dental hygiene and the extent to which it has changed in the last two decades.

“The idea that it is becoming a thing of the past is just really, really hard to believe,” she said.

Dr Wresb says a lot of people are concerned about the impact dental hygiene will have on their health.

“There’s a lot more pressure on people to be able to be healthy,” she explained.

“They are concerned that they may lose a tooth or they may develop a mouth infection and their tooth could potentially be lost.”

People don’t realise that this is actually the norm and it is a lot worse than we think.

“Dental hygienists have told ABC News they’re not worried about dentists becoming obsoleteDr Wreeb says there are also many health concerns that can affect the public perception of dental health.

The report found that there is a link between dental hygiene being considered as a health concern and lower confidence in dental hygiene.

For example, people who are more likely to have lower dental health are more concerned about their health and the possibility of dental problems, Dr Wreebs research shows.”

We’re concerned about a lot health problems in general, not just dental hygiene,” Dr Jules said.

The research also found people are more anxious about dental hygeneys quality than those who are less anxious.”

A lot of times people are very anxious about what people are saying about their dental hygiene because people don’t trust it,” Dr Kelle said.

Dental health experts say it is vital people stay informed about the dental health of their family and friends.”

You want to make sure that people that are concerned are being listened to, that they are being treated,” Dr Lacey said.

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A new study from The University of Queensland shows that people are not only concerned about dental health, but that…

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