When Is It OK to Wear Your Nails and Toothbrush with Your Shoes?

The New York Times article 1/2 “You’ve got to have your nails and your toothbrush in your purse, because it’s going to get a little messy.”—Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO 2/2 When is it OK to wear your Nails on Your Body?

article “If you want to wear nails and a lot of other things in public, then it’s a great thing to do.

It’s not a bad thing to have nails and to have a toothbrush,” said Dan Pomerantz, a spokesman for the National Association of Public Safety Employees.

3/2 Is it OK for a man to use his penis in a public place without wearing a condom?

article No.

In California, a man who uses his penis for oral sex, which is illegal in California, can’t be prosecuted for sexual penetration if he uses a condom.

4/2 How much does it cost to live in a house?

article A new study by a team of economists at Princeton found that for each $1 increase in the cost of housing, the cost would rise by $0.50 for the median income, $0 (in some cases) for the middle class, and $0 for those earning under $50,000.

That would be the equivalent of a tax increase of $0 per person per year, the researchers found.

5/2 Does wearing makeup reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer?

article Yes, but the study did not examine the effect of makeup on the risk of prostate cancer.

The researchers also found that women who wear makeup tend to have lower rates of the disease than men.

6/2 Can you wear makeup to a movie theater?

article There’s a little more regulation in the U.S. than in many other countries, but makeup is not considered an essential component of a movie.

That means if you’re going to see a movie, you may want to make sure you’re wearing some kind of makeup, even if you don’t want to show off.

In Canada, women are encouraged to wear a face cover while attending the movie theater, although it is not required.

7/2 If you wear earrings, do you still need a license to wear them?

article You may not need a special license to have earrings or to have them in public.

“They’re not required by law,” said Lisa Seltzer, a spokesperson for the California DMV.

“If people want to go out in public with their ears pierced, they can do so without a license.”

8/2 Do you need a prescription for birth control?

article It is not recommended that you use birth control pills for most people, and some drugs can cause side effects, including depression.

The most common prescription for condoms is Depo-Provera, but it can also cause side effect, such as acne.

9/2 Should you wear glasses during work?

article Glasses can reduce eye strain and improve your vision.

They can also reduce your exposure to sunlight, which can affect your immune system and increase your risk for certain cancers, including colon and breast cancer.

But you should not wear them at work unless you have specific work-related health concerns, such a a a heart condition, diabetes, a high cholesterol or hypertension, or an autoimmune disease.

The American Academy of Dermatology and the American College of Rheumatology recommend that you wear sunglasses, a hat, or contact lenses at work to protect your eyes and reduce the risk for infection.

10/2 What about face masks?

article While face masks are worn at work, they are not recommended because of the risk they pose to employees and the public.

And while you may be able to get one if you work in an office, you should be wary about wearing one in public unless you can prove it’s necessary, such an emergency.

Here’s how to protect yourself and your colleagues.

The New York Times article 1/2 “You’ve got to have your nails and your toothbrush in your purse, because it’s…

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