What to know about bad dental care

Men’s hygiene products have been blamed for the decline of dental health in Canada, but the industry’s bad reputation is only partially justified, according to a new report.

The study also found that the number of Canadians who are still choosing to use the products is small.

“The most important question we have is how much of an impact are these products having on our health,” said David K. Anderson, an associate professor of dentistry at the University of Manitoba.

Anderson and his colleagues surveyed the health of 1,000 Canadians aged 16 to 70, and compared their dental health to that of other Canadian adults aged 16 and over.

They found that a majority of those surveyed had some dental problems, and that many had suffered from some kind of dental disease.

They also found some people had been given an unwanted toothpaste, a toothbrush and other products that were not intended for oral health.

“They were basically being given products that they didn’t need or weren’t appropriate for,” said Anderson, who is the study’s lead author.

While the study was conducted in a controlled environment, it was conducted using data from the national Health Measures Survey conducted by the Canadian Centre for Health Information (CCHI).

The CCHI is the government’s source for health data, and it also collects information about people’s personal habits.

Anderson said his study, conducted in 2016, does not take into account other factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

He noted that people may have chosen to drink alcohol and take laxatives when they were younger, and the use of other substances may have decreased.

However, he said, the overall trend is the same.

He said he was surprised to see that many Canadians, including men, still choose to use dental hygiene products.

“We found that in men, there is some variation in the amount of dental problems that people were reporting, and we didn’t find any differences in the prevalence of dental diseases in men or women,” he said.

In fact, he says, the prevalence was much higher among men than women.

“In men, the majority of people were using dental hygiene or toothpaste and were reporting a lot of dental conditions, but there were some women who were using toothpaste,” he noted.

“Women were also more likely to report a tooth infection than men.”

Women and men with more dental problems were more likely than their counterparts with more healthful habits to report being given an unneeded toothpaste.

“Men were using a lot more toothpaste than women, and so men were more exposed to a lot,” Anderson said.

“So that’s a problem.

That is not good for us as a society.”

He added that he was not surprised that women are using toothpastes and toothbrushes more frequently.

“That is something that has been going on for decades,” he told CBC News.

“It’s a huge trend, and women are doing a lot to contribute to that trend.”

What to do If you have a dental problem or a toothache, don’t panic.

Follow the advice below to help you manage your health.

What you can do to help your teeth: Avoid overuse of laxatives.

Some products such as toothpaste are made with a chemical called propylene glycol, which is linked to tooth decay and gum disease.

Some dental hygienists recommend you use a fluoride toothpaste instead of a toothpaste made with glycol.

Men’s hygiene products have been blamed for the decline of dental health in Canada, but the industry’s bad reputation is…

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