New York City’s Dentists: Stop Peddling Inflamed Dentures

By now, you may have heard that NYC’s Dentist Association is holding a “Dentist’s March” in order to raise awareness about the dangers of inflamed and/or “blocked” dentures, a.k.a. the dental products that can cause cavities and other dental issues. 

We’ve already heard from numerous people who’ve been affected by dental floss and flossing and we’re sure that they’re looking forward to this “Dental March,” which is also expected to be attended by several top dentists from around the country. 

So what exactly are these “dental floss” and “flossing” products that are supposedly causing this problem? 

Well, in an effort to better understand the situation, we asked Dr. Michael Fink, a member of the NYC Dentist’s Association, about these products and how they work and why we should be concerned about them. 

What’s in them? 

There are two types of floss: Floss that’s designed to remove bacteria and debris that can’t be replaced, and Floss designed for “slippery” or “fruity” content that is supposed to provide the best-quality results. 

The most popular type of dental fluss, according to Fink is the “flat-top” style floss that comes in three colors: yellow, red, and green. 

While the “red” style of fluss is usually designed to make sure that the floss is clean, the “green” style has been associated with the more “frizzy” side of the spectrum, Fink said. 

“The floss used to be the ‘fluffy’ type of flushers,” he explained. 

Unfortunately, the newer “flat” flosses aren’t designed for that, so the “fluffiness” is the result of the chemical compounds that were used to make them.

In a press release, the NYC Dental Association said that these products “have been linked to an increase in the occurrence of cavities, and can also cause skin irritation.” 

How do these floss-like products work? 

The floshers are actually a type of gel-like material that is made up of several components that are supposed to help with the removal of plaque from your teeth. 

According to the NYCDTA, the flat-top floss comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from yellow to red to green.

The flat-tops are typically designed to get rid of bacteria and plaque, and are supposed, “to provide the most complete results.” 

However, in this particular study, researchers found that “red-flavored” floshes were found to be much more effective at removing plaque, particularly in those with a “fruffier” complexion. 

How does the “slipping” of the flosher affect my dental health? 

In general, floss tends to be “slippy” when it comes to getting rid of plaque, so it can make it difficult to remove any plaque from the teeth and prevent cavities from forming. 

Additionally, the amount of “slop” you can get from the flushing material can also be a factor. 

If you’re already struggling with tooth decay and plaque-related issues, it can be difficult to avoid the problem altogether, as floss can sometimes clog your mouth and prevent you from using your teeth effectively. 

But if you’re concerned about the amount and type of “blacked out” flushes that you use regularly, you can also avoid floss altogether. 

And finally, if you want to keep your teeth healthy, flicking them is also important. 

Dr. Fink explained that “when you have a condition like gum disease or oral cancer, there are many factors that can interfere with your ability to take care of your teeth and get the best possible results.

These factors include the type of plaque you have, whether you’re using a floss or not, how often you use floss, and your diet.

So it’s important to consider what you’re trying to achieve with the flix and fluff that you’re actually using. 

You can even prevent dental issues altogether by replacing these fluffs with a fluff-like toothpaste that is formulated specifically for your specific condition, Finks said.

By now, you may have heard that NYC’s Dentist Association is holding a “Dentist’s March” in order to raise awareness…

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