Hand hygiene clip art for women

Here are some hand hygiene clip arts for women. 

The beauty of these is that they don’t look like a lot of things on a person.

Instead, they are designed with a feminine sensibility, which is very different from those on men. 


The hand, from top to bottom:   This is one of the many hand hygiene clipsart I have found online.

 This clipart is created by a woman, whose hand looks as if it has been polished by an artisan who’s been using a fine hand brush and a cotton glove.

It is a very simple and subtle piece.


The eye, from bottom to top:   This is another clipart, this time by a man.

He does a very nice job, and this clipart has a nice clean feel.


The neck, from upper to lower:   A similar clipart to this one, with a bit of flair.


The thigh, from lower to upper:   Another one that is a bit different.


The feet, from toe to toe:  The clipart below shows how a clipart like this one can be applied to your feet.

This cliparts is designed for women, which makes it very feminine, as the art looks more natural to their body than it does for men.


The belly, from under the knee:   The belly is an art that is very popular for women in India, and these are some of the most popular.


The legs, from the knee to toe, from right to left:   You can see how this cliparts makes use of a variety of styles to create a very subtle and feminine art.


The nose, from below the eyebrow:   One of the more interesting and interesting hand hygiene clippingart that I have seen online.

It is a simple and elegant piece.

The art is very subtle, but it has a beautiful feel to it. 9.

The ear, from above the eye:   It looks as though a woman has carefully cleaned her ear with a fine brush, which then comes to the attention of the viewer.


The mouth, from behind the ear:   Here, a clip art is created that is almost like a drawing.

It has a very different feel to what a hand art might have.


The chest, from underneath the shoulder:  This clip art shows a woman in a very delicate pose.


The face, from waist to chest:  Another clipart.

This one is very feminine and modern, with some great artwork.


The hair, from head to scalp:   I have noticed that this clip art, created by an Indian woman, is one that many women prefer.


The toes, from toes to toe. 

Here, a woman is holding a hand outstretched and she uses her toes to apply the clipart on the back of her foot.


The eyes, from nose to eyelashes:   Again, this is another hand art, but this time it is a woman.


The ears, from ear to ear: The clip art below shows a very modern piece of art, and it is quite feminine, with an almost feminine feel. 


The stomach, from stomach to belly:   In another hand piece, a very feminine piece of hand art is also shown.


The fingers, from fingers to toes:  The finger art below is an oldie, but very goodie, that looks as it should.


The lips, from lips to lips:  Another hand art from an old piece of old art.

The lip art below has a lovely soft feel to the artwork. 


The arms, from arms to arms: Another hand art that looks quite feminine.


The back of the head, from back to head: Again, another hand drawing, this one is a little different than the last.


The knees, from knees to knees: This hand art has a feminine feel to this art. 


The shoulders, from shoulders to shoulders: A hand art similar to the last, but a little bit more feminine. 


The buttocks, from buttocks to buttocks: I love this hand art.

A very feminine art that makes use and creates a very strong and natural feeling to the art. 


The body, from body to body: An interesting hand art which looks as an art, in that the art itself is feminine, but the art is more about the design and the artistry of the art in the body.


The crotch, from crotch to crotch: Here, an interesting art piece, but also very feminine.

It also has a subtle feminine feel, and is very fun to watch. 

Here are some hand hygiene clip arts for women. The beauty of these is that they don’t look like a lot…

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