Dog owners are being told not to wash their hands after their dogs’ dental hygiene tips

Dogs are getting advice from a dental hygiene company after being told to not wash their paws after brushing, a new campaign campaign has warned.

Key points:Dental hygiene company uumc says it is not a new issue, but the campaign is being used as a way to encourage owners to change practicesTST Hand hygiene poster is now up in NSW, WA and South AustraliaThe campaign aims to increase the number of dogs and cats in homes with pets who are brushing their teethMore than 500 dogs and up to 600 cats have been found to have died of bacterial meningitis in NSW and Victoria since 2014, according to a report from the Australian Veterinary Medical Association.

The number of deaths in the state has soared, with an estimated 2,500 dogs and 1,800 cats dying between 2014 and 2017, according the AVAMA.

But it is the recent resurgence of the bacteria that has the veterinary medical group worried.

“It’s not a newly introduced issue,” AVAma CEO Dr Andrew Young told the ABC.

“I think people are starting to realise that we have to change our behaviour.”

In the last two years, the AVPMA has launched the uumco Hand hygiene campaign to encourage people to stop washing their hands and use a hand sanitizer instead.

Dr Young said the campaigns had been successful in convincing more people to change their habits.

“People are starting that conversation and starting to see it in their dogs and in their cats and it’s a good message,” he said.

“What we’re finding is that the dogs are starting the conversation, the cats are starting it and the owners are starting this conversation.”

In a statement, uumca said the campaign had been a “great success”.

“We’ve seen a rise in the number and frequency of people talking to us about their dogs, their cats, and their hygiene, and we’ve seen an increase in the interest of uumcos from all over Australia,” it said.

Uumca has since added an ad to its posters with the message that the “ticking time bomb” of meningococcal disease was coming.

“If you think about it, the main reason you’re brushing your teeth is to prevent bacteria from coming into your mouth,” uumcusa said.

The company also urged owners to “wash their hands at least once a day, and don’t brush your nails.”


Dogs are getting advice from a dental hygiene company after being told to not wash their paws after brushing, a…

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