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Which country is better for you?

By now you’re probably familiar with the word “feminine hygiene” — a term which, like most words in this world,…

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#Eagles RB Bryce Brown has ‘no clue’ how he’s been wearing a #DirtyDogs jersey

By Josh LiskiewitzThe Eagles have made a big splash in free agency this off-season, signing RB Bryce “Bud” Brown to…

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Who should wear the latest high heels?

The latest high-heels trend is not going down well with some women, with the latest trend claiming to make the…

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Women and cosmetics: How they fit into the new, modern beauty market

We all know how much women care about their looks, and for good reason.For many women, it’s a part of…

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Which technology companies are leaving tech jobs to become founders?

Recode is reporting that Facebook has fired more than 300 employees, including more than half of its founders, amid a…

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Which is best for hygienics?

Personal hygiene wipes are among the most commonly used products for cleaning hands and feet, and while the hygiene products…

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How to make Viking hygiene a priority

When Viking hygiene was first created by the British, it was largely a public health issue.At the time, the United…

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How to Get Rid of Blepharosis

Blephars are bacteria that cause dental flushing.The most common form is tooth decay.The symptoms are: swollen gums, pain in the…

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How to clean your teeth after brushing

What you need to know about cleaning your teeth with toothbrushes and brushing products.Read morePosted in dental hygiene

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